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7-rounds of voting fail to elect PM for Sekyere Kumawu assembly

Seven rounds of voting since August, have failed to produce a replacement for Samuel Agyekum, who is now Chief Executive for the Sekyere Kumawu District of Ashanti Region.
Neither of the contestants could secure two-thirds of votes in three successive attempts at the last assembly meeting.
The situation has compelled the assembly to work with a 2016 budget because the law requires a new financial statement to be approved only with Presiding Member in attendance at a meeting.
A medium-term development program and distribution of motorbikes to members remain unexecuted as well.
District Chief Executive, Samuel Agyekum, is already frustrated by the deadlock.
“The Christian Council and all the religious leaders including the chiefs have been speaking to the candidates but the situation has not changed that much. We need a Presiding Member soon”, he complained.
Residents are blaming the situation on assembly members whom they claim have taken entrenched positions.
Some Assembly members are worried by the current situation which they say has brought a shame to the assembly.
They hope some contestants will step down to give chance to the most likely candidate.
Mr. Agyekum is, however, optimistic steps being taken to get traditional and religious leaders to intervene will help address the problem.
credit: Nana Yaw Gyimah

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