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This is how Majid Michel met God

Actor Majid Michel has opened up on how he came to accept God as his savior and how that has impacted his life.

According to him, although he knew Christ, he was following him with his flesh and did not have a deeper understanding of him.

Speaking in an interview on Starr FM, the actor said “I think the calling was always there… I knew Jesus for a very long time but I guess I was just following the flesh for a very long time which most of us do because I made the flesh the master instead of the Spirit. But it’s supposed to be the Spirit as the master and the calling was always there, I just heeded to it because I didn’t want any rough. It all started approximately not actively five years ago when Timothy Bentum started something called the APPNC, where we bring together actors, professionals, Presenters and musicians for Christ. That was where I got the platform to talk to tens of thousands of people about Christ.

“That was where I got to share things I discovered in the Bible, things I never found out when growing up, things the church never told me, things I never heard from any of my pastors,” Majid said.

According to the 37 year old actor, his wife never saw the sudden change in his attitude.

“She never saw any sudden change in me… I taught her for the first time for an altar call. My wife was my first student concerning ministry. My friends like KOD, John Dumelo, Fred Numah are all witnesses to my ministry, they were never surprised.”

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