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MTN Ghana Foundation, the most Leading Mobile Telecommunication in Ghana last Wednesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Between UNICEF Ghana to renew their partnership for two years to affirm MTN’s Commitment of brightening the lives of their customers and ensure Ghanaians continue to receive essential Information through Agoo on Health and Social issues.

MTN Ghana and UNICEF partnership was established in 2015, in Ghana where every single person was worried and agitated about the outbreak of the Ebola diseases and cholera.

Speaking at the event Mr. Asher Khan, Chief Marketing Officer of MTN Ghana pointed that, MTN and UNICEF partnership afforded Ghanaians the opportunity to call and receive responses to their queries in these critical moments. MTN Customers assessed the service by calling the toll-free numbers 5100 whilst won MTN Customers were also served by calling.

According to him, one of the aspects of this year’s Partnership is the addition of Social Protection to the already existing information on malaria, Avian Influenza, Cholera, Meningitis, Ebola, and Tuberculosis among others. He added that, children and the youth can also benefit from tips on sanitation etc.

Mr. Asher Khan further stated that, the partnership also affords the younger generation protection from violence, counseling to refrain from missing out on school; learn basic tips on healthy lifestyles, such as the importance of hand washing and good hygiene’, he said.

According to the Chief Marketing Officer, to bring relief, alleviate the fear and anxiety of Ghanaians, MTN Partnered UNICEF and Ghana Health Service on toll-free response real time answers to questions on the minds of people who call to enquire about both epidemics.

Addressing the media during signing ceremony of MTN’s partnership with UNICEF Agoo, Mr. Asher Khan said that, the initiative resonates with MTN’s Vision of leading the delivery of a bold new digital World. He adding that, customers will have ample time to concentrate on their business rather than spending a lot of time having to physically go to see a professional.

He emphasized that, the partnership is to afford the younger generation protection from violence counseling to basic tips on healthy lifestyles, such as the importance of hand washing and good hygiene.

Rushuan Murtaza, UNICEF Ghana representative, noted that one of the effective ways to empower and enable the young people to ensure they have the right information and to make this a reality, both MTN and UNICEF have put enormous effects to promote the Agoo Platform. She said, from 2016, UNICEF has engaged in more than three hundred and seventy thousand students, which covers 96% of all Senior High Schools in Ghana.

He disclosed that, “as we renew our partnership with MTN through signing this Memorandum of Understanding with UNICEF hope that this be the continuation of a long and fruitful journey where both UNICEF and MTN can together be proud of the way in which we have affected and will affect the lives of the children in Ghana for the better’, She said.

Agoo has been extremely successful. It receives more than 2,000 calls a day, mostly from young people under the age of 20. Agoo has been recently retooled to expand the topics to social issues that matter to young people.

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