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The Mobile Technology Network presented scholarship award for 20 Teacher  being selected nationwide on the 5th October 2017 which has been set aside for celebration of teachers in the world at (MTN HOUSE)in Accra.

 Out of the 20 teachers,six (6) of them were women.
Mrs. Pala Aseidu Ofori who is Acting Corporate Service Executive (ACSE of MTN) said,The presentation of scholarship for teachers who have been selected for the MTN Teachers improvement award program for 2017/2018 academic year was very successful.

She expressed that, and i quote.I am particularly excited because today marks world teachers day, a day set aside to celebrate teachers and to raise awareness on the importance of the role played by teachers all over the world.

In joining teachers to commemorate the day, MTN foundation is once again presenting scholarship to 20 teachers at the cost of GHC 125,000.This scholarship is aimed at supporting these teachers to further develop themselves in their field of work.

She said, As we all know, Teachers hold in their hands the success of our society. It is said that, a great teacher helps nurture great students. Research further shows that an inspiring and informed teacher is the most important factor that influences Student achievement. It is therefore critical to pay close attention to how we train and support both new and experience teachers. To be able to do that  teachers need to constantly update their knowledge and adopt best practices that meet the needs of today 's students.

Having acknowledged the need to support teachers develop themselves and keep themselves up -to-date on new method on hoe children learn, emerging technology,new tools and curriculum for the classroom, MTN Ghana foundation initiated the MTN Teachers improvement Award programme in 2015.

Mrs. Aseidu, The teachers improvement award programme is designed to financially assist teachers who teach in first and second cycle public institutions to upgrade their education at the first degree or Masters levels. The scholarship scheme seeks to improve the skills of teachers across the country to professionally grow in science,Mathematics and English.

These subject area continue to be core tools in many field of study and also equip pupil with a uniquely powerful set of skills which include logical reasoning  problem solving skills, and the ability to think in abstract ways which enable them to understand and change the world. The programme will support 100 teachers over a five year period.

We are convinced the future of Ghana's development lies largely in giving teachers access to higher quality education. As a good corporate citizen,MTN in convinced that it also has a role to play in  helping build a stronger nation. We therefore strive through various initiatives to complement Government's effort to ensure sustainable social development. Mrs. Aseidu explained that, Out of 40 teachers who have been awarded with scholarship since the inception of the teacher improvement away in 2015,13 are in the university of cape coast, while 27 are in the university of education, winneba. Five (5) of the awardees have since graduated and four( 4) are expected to graduate pending the successful submission of their dissertations.

The good news was that ,all awardees who graduated have since returned to their respective public school in which they were teaching. Our sincere appreciation goes to them for committing to the cause.

For the third edition of the award, the MTN foundation is once again presenting 20 scholarships to qualified teachers across Ghana to enhance their skills which will translate into effective teaching and learning in our public institutions.

10 of the  teachers selected will pursue degree programme and the other10 will pursue their master's programme. Congratulations to all beneficiaries for making it to the final 20. It is the firm belief of the MTN Ghana foundation that, beneficiaries of the teachers improvement Award programme would come back equipped with higher education skills to transform the realities of the classroom, impact the lives of students and build capacity for national development.

We also want to use this opportunity to urge female teachers to take advantage of these opportunities as their male counterparts do. Since the inception of this project  female participation has been low. Out of the 20 selected for the third edition of the scholarship, only 6 women were selected. We want to see more women participating in capacity building initiatives such as this.

On the occasion of world teachers Day I would like to congratulate all teachers for their contribution to the development of Ghana. As we commemorate world Teachers Day MTN Ghana foundation pledges it commitment to continue to invest in bold interventions that drive value in our communities and the country as a whole.

SOURCE:  Kofi Dwumah (0207865525)/ WWW.JAMYONLINE.COM

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