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Manya Krobo area records high breast cancer cases -Dr Arhinful

Breast cancer cases are reportedly increasing rapidly in the Manya Krobo area in the Eastern Region.

A surgeon at the Volta River Authority Hospital in Akosombo, Dr. Charles Arhinful disclosed this during a breast cancer awareness walk through the principal streets of Kpong, Odumasi and Somanya.

He told Oman News that records from the breast care centre at the VRA hospital showed that more than 100 women have been diagnosed with breast cancer since 2015.

He explained that breast cancer cases are increasing because women are refusing to go for early examination, which is the best way in preventing breast cancer.

He said although VRA hospital’s breast care centre offers free screening and treatment to women with breast cancer yet some of them after being diagnosed with the disease don’t return to continue with the treatment and rather seek assistance from pastors thinking that the disease is spiritual.

“Since 2015 we have seen 100 women who have breast cancer and out of this almost 50 % when we have diagnosed them they defaulted further management and they came back when the situation has worsened,” he said.

This, according to Dr Arhinful, has been the major challenge in controlling the disease in the Manya Krobo area.

Dr. Arhinful refuted the misconceptions which is being associated with breast cancer that the disease is either caused by witch craft or as a result of a curse.

” We realize that there is this misconceptions amongst those with breast cancer that the disease cannot be treated. They believe that it is caused by either witch or is a curse…..Some also believe that when they go through vesatomy they will die,” he noted.

He said VRA has set aside every Wednesday to offer free treatment to breast cancer patients and urged the women in those areas to take advantage and get screened.

Staff of the Volta River Authority used the opportunity to also educate residents in Odumasi, Kpong and Somanya about the breast cancer.

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