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I knew Bukom Banku would be beaten even before the bout – Ayittey Powers teases

Boxer, Ayittey Powers has said after the bout between Bukom Banku and Samir Bastie that he was aware Bukom Banku will lose the bout.

According to him, Bukom Banku is currently unfit to take on Samir Bastie who is a fresh blood and very hungry fighter.

Ayittey Powers indicated that Bukom Banku through the bout has “met his meter” which literally means he has met someone who has finally defeated him and silenced him.

Bukom Banku suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Samir Bastie in a cruiserweight bout that took place in Bukom on Saturday. Bukom Banku has since become the subject of several discussions in the country with people on social media trolling him for his lose.

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