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On the 12th October 2017 at college of physician and surgeons in Accra, HR FOCUS conference was held. had an opportunity to interview Madam REVINA ACHEAMPONG (EDITOR -IN-CHIEF OF HR FOCUS MAGAZINE,)and she emphasized that, The HR Forum started in 2012.But in 2013 we came up with career development section as well,she said.

The HR conference complies the web shops solution, HR focus and HR career development section.

She expressed that, we bring HR practitioners and chief executive officers together to deliberate an issues affecting the world of work and provide solution to these issues.

On the career development section, we bring students, job seekers and business executives together to equip them with the issues that they had in world of work and then the necessary tools for career advancement,she said.

She added That, this conference presides an HR focus Awards night and it will Happen on the 13th October 2017 at the statehouse -Banquet Hall. She continued by saying, their objective is to have companies, HR practitioners come together to help build the human resources of the country.

We bring this practitioners in, to hear seasons speakers and also to develop their HR processes .
HR focus has successfully organized the 5th HR focus and Award, she said.

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