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Give credit to Bukom Banku for sustaining boxing in Ghana – Kwame A Plus

Musician, Kwame A Plus has asked Ghanaians to give Bukom Banku some credit for bringing excitement into Boxing in the country.

According to him, the supporter of John Dramani Mahama has made the game of boxing attractive as compared to athletes that came before him and even his colleagues currently in the game.

This call comes some hours after the boxer was trolled on several social media platforms after suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of Samir Bastie in a Cruiserweight bout.

Kwame A Plus posted “Beat diɛ they beat am paaaa…. The way the guy make weak if hurricane Akushika pass there like Bukom go turn unidentified flying object  even a flag mounted at the beach won’t wave like this…… see the way he dey walk  But the truth be say, #BukomBanku has sustained and brought some excitement to the game. Let’s give him credit for that”.

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