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Jamyonline had the privilege to interview DR. CLIFFORD A. BRAIMAH(Director of GWCL) and said, My plans for the company are inextricably bound to the vision of the company :to be a world class utility. To be" world class "required great reforms and renewed sense of Director.

He said, we have made huge investments (and continue to make a lot more) to expand access to potable water supply to everyone within our catchment area through loan.

Dr. Clifford said, there is high level of unmitigated pollution and encroachment on our raw water pumping stations that keep the coast of treatment soaring.

We have come a long way since GWCL  was born in 1965,but there is a long and winding road ahead, he said. Dr. Clifford explained again that, Technology has been the engine of change in the world for the past country.

It leaves us with  only two choices : either we embrace it or it leaves us at in its trails He continued that, in order to facilitate this change in GWCL, Technology and innovation Development has been created for the first time in the company 's history to leverage the power of innovative technology to improve on our business processes and expand the impact of shared management information, he said.

Dr. Clifford explained again, Customers and our regulators alike are expecting more from us, they expect GWCL to offer the same level of interaction and choice of services they already receive from their cellular, internet and TV providers :accessing and interacting with us 24/7 using smart phone and tablet to request service, usage information, he said.

The disaster our open Day is the launch of many innovative tools and technology systems aimed at making our engagement and relationship with our cherished customers more convenient,he said

ONE ON ONE WITH MR RICHARD APPIAH OOTO (Engineer )  had an interview with Mr. RICHARD APPIAH OOTO and he explained,

''The company listened to the  customers complain about delaying of their bills, wrong bills being given to them and also struggling for paying their water bills on weekends.

Mr. Richard Appiah Otoo said, the customers are busy during the working days to walk to the pay point to settle their water bills,he said.

Mr.Richard Appiah Otoo expressed that, Ghana Water Company has discovered that, there was hugged growth in terms of digital payment system through mobile money and banking has also provided a lot of solutions to company ever since they introduced the e-payment system.

Ghana water company has decided to open up their system for all these sectors to fix energy in terms of collection between Ghana Water Company and various channel of payment,he said. what the  company brought was that,the old system of billing which was 38 fleet,now it's 30 seconds. Mr. Richard Appiah Otoo continued in has speech by saying,now the company has given metre readers a device which will allow them to read the metre instantly and give you the bill through SMS or email.

He said again,when you receive your bill, you have an option to pay  the through your mobile phone or Bank and you will receive your receipt instantly from Ghana Water Company, he said.

Now with the e-payment, customers will not struggle for paying their water bills again. Moreover, Ghana Water Company has developed customers APP to offer all the customers an option to register their account.

Mr. Richard Appiah Otoo said,Ghana water Company has made the E-payment as easy as anybody  using mobile money transfer and it is the best channel to pay your water bill.

Mr. Richard Appiah Otoo finalized by saying, Ghana water company is assuring all Ghanaians to supply water to all the locations which water is not following next year ,he explained.

Reporter Kofi Dwumah/

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