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Former U20 goalkeeper Muntawakilu Seidu urges Ghanaian clubs to stop paying signing-on fees

Former Ghana U20 goalkeeper Muntawakilu Seidu has urged Ghanaian clubs to stop paying signing-on fees to players and spread the money on their salaries to make it significant. 
Muntawakilu who now plays for Nigerian giants Enugu Rangers argues that Ghanaian clubs must adopt the Nigerian model of paying their players good salaries without signing-on fees.
He explains that in Nigeria, the clubs do not pay signing-on fees to players, rather, they spread the signing-on fees on the salaries of the players to make the salaries more significant.
"One thing I have seen in Nigeria is that, they do not have anything like signing-on fee. They only pay salaries and bonuses," he told
"They quantify your signing-on fee and spread it on your salary. So for two years, a player can be paid well consistently and that makes the salary significant.
"Clubs in Ghana can agree to pay a specific signing-on fee to a player but his contract can expire with the club paying nothing to the player. So I think if the clubs will rather spread the signing-on fee and pay it as part of the players' salaries, that will help the players and they will be willing to stay and give their best," he added.
The Enugu Rangers goalie kept 8 cleans sheet in 20 matches for his side and lost only 4 matches in his maiden season in the Nigeria Professional Football League.
credit: Sheikh Tophic Sienu 

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