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On the 29th September 2017,EDGE which  the meaning is (Enhancing Development Of Ghanaian Entrepreneurs), had an exhibition at International conference centre in Accra.

Jamyonline had a opportunity to interview the project management Mr. BABA ADONGO and he said, Enhancing Development of Ghanaian Entrepreneurs(EDGE) was a United Kingdom (UK) Government to help the young entrepreneurs.

The program was launched in 2014 and being implemented by TECHNOSERVE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS TO POVERTY. He said their involvement in it was an implementing part of it, and they are making sure that they implement it according to their business and make sure that they have reached out to the participants across all the country.

Mr. Adongo said, the access to the whole program was to identify the early stage enterprises and work with them to overcome their challenges to growth.

So they used to be able to select and get those type of enterprises. They also used their business plan Competition and train the enterprises on how to write business plan and manage their business as well.

So the entrepreneurs will write their business plan and then accessed by the judges, then they will call them for the awards.

He expressed that,the award was one thing and the business plan was also another thing during the program.

Beyond that, they work with these enterprises for another 12 mouths intensive hand holding and making sure that they are able to solve  their own problems.

Mr.Adongo said,Some of the things they do including diagnosis review or what they called a business health check to see where they are, and the problems they have.

All these are done through consultants or axe service  providers who work with these enterprises at wherever they are. They also do access to market and access to Financiers.

We created a plat form, where we bring investors and Financiers to come and then do purchases so that they can access money from these investors and Financiers.

(BABA ADONGO -0244651651)
Reporter Kofi Dwumah

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