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Diamond Appiah shades Reggie Rockstone for fighting Nivea

Well, Diamond Appiah has not ended her fight for the “Visibly Fairer skin” Nivea advert which was pulled down some days ago.

In another post on Facebook, the daughter of Angel Obinim has thrown some shades at some celebrities who she describes as hypocrites and racist.

To her, these celebrities use fair people in their various projects but have turned against a Nivea product and are pretending to be all afrocentric.

Read Her Post Here

A word to the wise !!
Ghanaians are hypocrites and racists themselves. They want Nivea to exclude and disregard other skin tones and only recognzie dark complexion. That is a supremacist way of thinking. What they are failing to understand is that Nivea is only respecting the diversity of skin tones. As a skin care company and brand, they have the right to market products suitable for all skin types; not only for dark skinned ppl, but also light or fair skinned ppl too. Even in Ghana, they use the word “fair”-to describe ppl that are light or a bit light in complexion. “Fair” could also mean without blemishes, without unevenness or without irregularity according to the dictionary. Some of these same critiques (Dzigbordi, Ama K. Anita Erskine) wear the longest weaves, nails, lashes, perm, makeup and etc. Yet they pretend to be soo Afrocentric and promoting black women empowerment. Shame on you!! Check Anita’s instagram page, some of the girls she displayed have altered their skin tones (names with-held)… Start with the African market, that’s where all the dangerous chemicals are and leave Nivea alone. If you don’t like their products don’t buy it. And if you do, pick according to your skin type. It is just like buying makeups (makeup experts) to enhance your beauty. You choose according to your skin type. Our modern day Massiahs listen, you put down your own women by portraying them to the world as sexual objects in your music videos. Something you would never a allow your wives or encourage your sisters to do. Finally, you mostly feature light skinned video vixens in your videos to show your preferences in women. And you have the temerity to speak? when did you start caring about your race/community (especially black women)? A member of the VVIP group (name with-held) puts up that heavy set girl on his instagram page all the time. They also recently featured Afia Schwarzenegger and that same girl (queen of nudity) in their most recent music video. Mind you, they are all bleached, but yet that same member thinks he is so intelligent to be addressing this topic/issue. They think they have won, when in actual fact nivea is only trying to shut them up in a diplomatic way. Pick your battle wisely if you think you are that smart!! To All those VILLAGERS insulting me on social media n on Radio for educating your dumb ass, am in my house ,come and beat me.

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