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Cocoa Initiative trains Journalists on Child Labour issues in the Cocoa sector

A non-governmental organization (NGO) International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) has trained journalists in a three-day workshop on issues of Child Labour especially in the cocoa sector to broaden their knowledge on the issues of child labour in the cocoa industry.

It also sought how to effectively work with the media to eradicate the hazards some kids found themselves in their various communities.

ICI is purposely aimed at the elimination of Child Labour in the cocoa sector through working with stakeholders in the communities to understand the harms and the bad implications it has on the children in such communities.

The three-day workshop which came off at Assin Fosu was also part of ICI’s corporate strategies to not just broadening the knowledge of the journalists but also give them the opportunity to interact with some stakeholders from the local communities to hear their success stories.

The participants were also educated on the process of Child Development and the differences between Child Work, Child Labour, and hazardous work, Causes and Consequences of Child Labour and the Worst Forms of Child Labour.

Addressing the workshop, Mr Prince Gyamfi, the Deputy National Coordinator of (ICI) said it was imperative for all stakeholders to work together to ensure that all Ghanaian children especially in the cocoa communities are given the adequate support and opportunity to develop into responsible adults for the future.

In defining what Child Labour is, Mr. Gyamfi said ‘any work that deprives children of their childhood, their right to live or undermine their physical and psychological development’.

"Even though some institutions have been mandated by law to protect these kids working in such harsh conditions, the problem still persisted as to how to enforce some of these laws and how one can be properly equipped to carry out their duties effectively at the district and community levels," he said.

He further explained that the Worst Forms of Child Labour included, Child Trafficking, Commercial Sex, Exploitation of Children, Child Domestic Servitude, Carrying of Heavy Loads and Street Hawking.

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