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Blame Clubs for bribery in Ghana league – Referee

A class one referee has bemoaned how they are demonized when in fact club administrators are the ones who make them corrupt.
According to him, referees who are appointed to officiate matches especially in the Ghana premier league are contacted by the Clubs to favour them.
The referee who spoke on condition of anonymity explained that club owners approach them with large sums of money to ensure their teams win by any means necessary. 
These club administrators, he indicated pay as much as GHC5000 just to get a referee to win a match for them and thus feel sad when the same people turn around to accuse them of being corrupt.
“These club administrators call us the minute we are named to officiate their matches and negotiate with us” added.
However, he revealed that Club heads sometimes incite their supporters against officials when they refuse to do their bidding.
“They inform their supporters when we refuse to officiate in their favour and some even attack us”, he explained in an interview on Asempa FM.
The referee also labelled Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom a hypocrite for slamming corruption one hand and contributing to it on another. 
“Paa Kwesi Nduom paid the highest bribe in division one and paid as much as 6000gh for matches to go in his favour and am surprised if he is talking about corruption now”.
“I have colleagues who take these monies from his club even now in the Premier League and he pays depending on the opponent he plays at a time”.

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