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B/A Ladies To Boycott Ghana's Most Beautiful In 2018?

Adom,Brong Ahafo Region's representative of Ghana's Most Beautiful (GMB) 2017

It seems the eviction of Brong Ahafo Region's representative of Ghana's Most Beautiful (GMB) 2017 has not gone down well with about 90% of the ladies in the region.

Adom who had risen steadily in the house, was evicted on Sunday night after she was adjudged the most disciplined lady among her contenders in the house.

Adom looked promising in her performances in the past few weeks so nobody expected her to be gunned down at least,  not in the next two weeks.

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Volta Region's representative,  Edem was the obvious lady to be an evictee, arguably, due to her poor performances over the weeks. She had over the weeks forgotten her lines in her performances,  marring her performances and increasing her chances of being evicted, but as the popular saying goes: "the law lies in the bossom of the judge."

Regardless the abysmal performance of Edem which is many Ghanaians attest to, the gun of judge Oscar shot Adom, the lady whose performances in the last weeks surpassed Edem.

She had performed well as a front desk officer at a hotel offering good customer service, a performance the Judges knew was above eviction. Judge Oscar himself described Edem's skit that night  as “not a good performance”.

Adom's eviction that looked like robbery has angered thousands of ladies in her home town,  Sampa and in the region as well.  It seems some will go any length to prevent any lady from going for a GMB audition in 2018.

Here are some of the screenshots of how they and Ghanaians who love watching the pageantry vented their spleen.

The question most are asking is; Are Ghanaians especially  the people of Brong Ahafo region loosing interest in this pageantry ? Are ladies of Brong Ahafo ever going to contest looking at their displeasure ? Time will tell

One of the remaining five contestants – Baaba [Central Region], Serwaa [Eastern Region], Zeinab [Northern Region], Nana [Western Region] and Edem [Volta Region] – is expected to be evicted next Sunday

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