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50 Celebrities settle their ‘indebtedness’ to MASLOC

Deputy Chief Executive Officer for the Micro-finance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC), Maame Afia Akoto has revealed that about 50 celebrities who were indebted to the centre have settled their indebtedness up to December 2017 to the centre.

The celebrities under the erstwhile National Democratic Congress (NDC) were reported to have taken cars through MASLOC on hire purchase but refused to make payment as agreed.

This resulted in threats by officials of MASLOC to name and shame them by publishing their images in the media if they failed to make payment within a 10-day period.

 On Kumasi-based Abusua Fm, Maame Afia Akoto revealed that 50 of them have come forward to make payment up to December 2017; expressing hopes that the rest will follow suit.

“So far those who owed, others paid outright and those who paid outright were about ten, but currently those who are paying in installment as the plan is. Those who are paying in installment and who still owe are about fifty. All the fifty of them, they were supposed to even pay till October. Per the payment plan they pay monthly, but they have paid till December; all fifty of them. Celebrities have all honoured their obligations, meaning from now to December they are all not going to be even harassed or anything.  So I just hope they keep that spirit up so we all enjoy the thing together,” Afia Akoto added.

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