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I’m disappointed marijuana is illegal in Ghana – Blakk Rasta

Reggae musician, Abubakar Ahmed, known in Ghanaian showbiz circles as Blakk Rasta, is disappointed Ghana has not legalised marijuana known locally as ‘wee’.

According to him, Ghana’s collapsed economy can be revived through the foreign exchange we can generate from exporting wee.

In an interview with host KMJ on ‘Daybreak Hitz’ on Hitz FM, Blakk Rasta bemoaned the stereotype associated with those who use the herbs.

“Stereotype and Prejudice has made it difficult to penetrate the fibre of our society. I am really disappointed. Jamaica [and other countries] decriminalized it. And in their first year, millions of dollars came in.

"Ghana’s marijuana is the best in the whole world. They should legalize it. We would stop borrowing and begging from other countries…” he maintained.

The Reggae musician revealed that, in the marijuana world league table, Ghana has the best thus its export can transform the economy.

When asked if he would collect signatures to back his campaign, he said that would be an exercise in futility.

Rather, Blakk Rasta believes talking about it on the radio will help change the minds of Ghanaians about the benefits of marijuana.

“I have made songs about it. A petition is just a paper. Been on the radio and talking about it is more than a petition. Do you know who listens to the radio…? Petition is just a thrash piece of paper. What’s a petition to the voice of Kofi Anan…?” He queried.

But in a quick rebuttal, Lawrence Asiamah-Hanson popularly known as Bulldog on the same ‘Daybreak Hitz’ show debunked Blakk Rasta’s assertions noting that legalizing marijuana use is not the panacea for our economic woes.

He explained that inasmuch as Blakk Rasta has underscored the major advantages, legalizing marijuana will spell doom for Ghana.

“With every issue, there is bad and good. Our brains as a nation haven’t grasped the goodies these herbs will bring. The time is not right to legalize. We would end up in a mess. Until we are all intellectually on that level, this is not the right time…” he stressed.

“I don’t have a problem with the legalization but are we ready for all the things it comes with. We can’t even tackle refuse and you want to talk about weed legalization…?” he quizzed.

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