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 The Ghana Chamber Of Mines had their annual report at( M PLAZA HOTEL)on the 14sep 2017 in Accra Mr.Sulemanu,emphasised that, the company believed that, the only way to ultimize the benefit of the mining industry is to really deeping   as much as they can to help the economy.He said, they need to harness all the linkages, all the opportunities between the mining industry and the rest of the economy.

Mr. Sulemanu expressed, Ghana is blessed with abundance of mineral resources, but physically we know that we were not called gold coast for nothing we have a lot of gold. Practically, even every corner of this country has gold,from the north to the south.

But it just shows that,we also have other minerals like,manganese,Bauxite and Diamond which actually spread in  commercial quantities,but in significantly we can't compare with gold. Gold account for between 97 to 98 percent all the minerals revenue that we obtain from the commercially exploited minerals we get from this country.

We also have other minerals such as salt,clay,Marble,mica,limestone,iron ore and kaolin and the limestone its used for CEMENTS.But because gold is important in the country we focus only on Gold as the only mineral resources we experienced in Ghana.As we can see from 2009 to 2016 between 3.5 to 2.9 percent of  gold Ghana contributed.

He said Again, when it come to producing of gold,South Africa is the first follow by Ghana and beside Ghana we have ,Mali,Tanzania,Bokina Faso and others, all of them are doing very well as far as Gold is concern. He said, when consider the top TEN (10)gold mining in Africa, five (5)of them come from west Africa.

So all the five (5)countries are coming to working together to initiate transparency in their business . He expressed that, Ghana Chamber of Mines is work harder and harder to bring transparency into the mining sector in Ghana.

Source: Kofi Dwumah/

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