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Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA)  had a press conference at Ghana Airport Office on the 25th September 2017 in Accra. Hon. Cecilia Abena Dapaah (Minister of Ghana Civil Aviation Authority) addressed the media and some of the stockholders. She said, and I quote.

"It is indeed my pleasure to warmly welcomed you all to this press briefing to formally inform our stakeholders, the media and the general public of the first ever African Air Expo schedule to take place in Accra from 24th to 26th October this year. "

Hon. Cecilia Dapaah said, under the auspice of the minister of aviation in collaboration with GACL and GCAA ,we are proud to host this great event in Ghana, the first of its kind in West Africa, with His Excellency the president of the Republic of Ghana as the patron.

The Air show is being organized in partnership with the the 4M event of Abu Dhabi, which has been in the domain of aviation event,the organizer and host of the Lyon /Paris air show. She said, it is the objective of the minister to establish Ghana as an aviation hub within the west Africa sub-region. In view of this, it is important for the Aviation industry to organize event such as the Air Expo in order to showcase the different opportunities available in the aviation industry in Ghana and on the African continent.

She emphasized that, The main aim of conducting the Exhibition and conference was to actively engage major players within the African and Global aviation space, with the view of positioning the African aviation industry at the forefront of regional and global interest. Some of the companies and agencies expected to participate in this event are:

*Government Departments
*Airport Companies
*Flight School Academies
*Charter Solutions
*Military and Defense
*Ground Handling and Security Agencies
*Human Capital Development Agencies
*Cargo Handling Service
*Technical support -i. e Maintenance.
*Representatives of Aircraft Manufacturers.

She continued by saying that, It will also connect professional across all areas of the industry, within  the African market. The event is  also expected to open various opportunities in the Aviation and Tourism industry thereby adding to GDP growth.

The ministry has in place a local organizing committee made up of representatives from the ministry of Aviation and it agencies, ministry of Tourism, ministry of Foreign Affairs, Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority, the ministry of Defense,State protocol Development, Ghana Immigration Service, National Security among other to ensure the success of the event.

She finalized it by saying that, she hope and expectation that the African Air Expo will position Ghana as the hub of Aviation industry on the African continent.

Reporter (Nicholas Dwumah ) Prime fm/

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