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Release our lands to us else………. Nii Adjetey Obuobour II

Gbee Womomli Apenkwa hene, Nii Adjetey Obuobour II has asked the government and private individuals who have encroached on their lands in some parts of Adentato immediatelyperform the necessary rites to the traditional authorities else face ejection.

Addressing the press in Accra on Thursday afternoon, the Chief said over thousand six hundred total land area have been taken over by government and some Institutions without duly compensating the traditional authorities in the area.

Scores of people clad in red attire, wearing red arm bands  also demonstrated against  the private estate developers and the government for taken over their lands.

According to him, CSIR   took eight hundred and forty  acres, the Adenta Housing company took three  hundred and eighty and Lake side Estate also took over six hundred  acres of their land.

He indicated that since 1970 that most of these lands were taken by government and other private individuals, none of the traditional authorities have been compensated as expected. ‘’ we will not continue to sit down while people continue to take over our lands,  when you take somebody’s item you   need to follow the necessary  procedure, but the government and these private individuals have continuously failed to do that, we will also use whatever means possible to  get what is duly ours.’’ He added.

Nii Adjetey Oboubour II therefore appealed to the government to release some parts of the land acquired by the CSIR to them for development.

Again, the unused lands in government possession should be released to them else they will have to negotiate with the traditional authorities and lastly the chief and the people of the area should be compensated adequately for any lands acquired.

He further noted that judgement has been given on their lands in court against fourteen individuals who encroached on them stating that an additional judgement would be given on another three in the coming days.

 He therefore cautioned people who have taken their lands without recourse to the necessary procedures to immediately adhere to the court ruling before an order is obtained to demolish every infrastructure on the acquired lands. We are been intimidated daily by the police and some other security agencies on our own lands, we do not even have peace here as  lands guards have also become a problem  in this community but if these things continue we will demolish the buildings and take our lands. This indiscipline and people flouting the law must be looked at by the government.’’  Gbee Womomli Apenkwa hene observed.

When asked what action would be taken against thes e individuals and private estate developers that have encroached on their lands if they fail to listen to their calls, he said ‘’

If the government and these people fail to adhere to our calls within the shortest possible time we will take action and demonstrate against the government. We will resort to any action that would help us get our lands back including but not limited to demolish properties erected on the lands and also matching to the flagstaff house.

Source: Ebenezer Kofi Amponsah /

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