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Registered nurses to stage mammoth picketing over unemployment

A coalition of registered nurses and midwives have threatened to embark on what they describe as “mother of all picketing” if the government fails to grant them financial clearance to be employed.

According to them, they have been unemployed for over a year despite completion of their academic studies and mandatory rotation.

A release issued by the group called on President Nana Akufo-Addo through the Ministry of Health to capture them in plans for financial clearance to enable them to be posted to various health facilities to serve.

“We have completed our mandatory rotation service to our motherland and therefore would be happy if we are also captured in the financial clearance to enable us to get employment as early as possible, and to help us allay the fears, frustration, worries and among other unemployment issues after service,” the release said.

The group is among the many also demanding immediate employment from the government.

The government has consistently given assurances that it will address their demands but that has often been after series of protests including picketing at the ministry.

Recently a group of unemployed nurses spent two days at the ministry demanding their posting. They had their issue resolved after the spent the night at the ministry.

The coalition of registered nurses and midwives, who have been unemployed since February 2016 said “Since some of us have finished our mandatory rotation and some have few more days to complete their service this August 2017, we are appealing to the ministry of health to ensure that we are captured and cleared financially so we can quickly start work thereof and continues saving lives.”

The expressed their desire to work and threatened that they will be forced to protest if nothing is done about their situation.

They said they would picket the seat of government, the Flagstaff House until their appointment letters are delivered.


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