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PHOTOS: National road safety commission appointment new board

Rev. Ismaila Hansmittson Awudu of ICGC Yahweh Temple at East Legon has been appointed as a new Chairman of National Road Safety commission in Ghana.

Rev emphasized in his speech that, Ghanaians know what is happening on our roads.The accident and reckless driving we all witness across our roads are very disturbing. He said national road safety commission has done a wonderful job for mother Ghana in terms of monitoring our roads and advicing some of the road user in Ghana as well.

Rev. Ismaila expressed how NPP government appreciated the efforts of National road safety commission.

He said, his appointment as a chairman of the board,he will make sure that some policy will be made to help  minimized the road accident in Ghana.

He said when you perceive the accident on our roads,it's very pathetic.As at now,when you visit the website of National road safety commission since 2014,2015 and 2016 the statistics indicated that, road accident was between thousand (1000)s.

But the first quarter of this year alone which is 2017 the national road safety commission has recorded over two (2) thousand people dead which is alarming.

When we experienced such accidents in our country, it will affect the economy of Ghana because Ghana loose over $150 million per year, he expressed.

He also said, Ghana police and some  the stakeholders are not well Equipped so he will make sure all the logistics are he is appealing to all Ghanaians to join the new appointed board to implement the new policy which the board is bringing across.

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