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                                        chief of Kwame yeduman-Odotobile Nii Kwame Yedu II

 The Principal elder of Ngleshie Amanfrom, Odotoblie Nii Kwame Yedu II, has called on the people of    Ngleshie Amanfrom to  remain united  and forge ahead as a community  in order to help them  develop the town.

’’ it is a long time since people saw myself and the chief together but all of us have made it a point to put behind any misunderstanding  that has existed between any of us  here and forge ahead to develop the town . It is important as leaders to make the development of the town our priority instead of satisfying our personal selfish desires at the expense of community development. ‘’ he added

Speaking on the sidelines in an interview with JAMY online  during the ‘Akwaasa’ festival, he said development of any community cannot occur if the people are divided amongst themselves.

He therefore asked all stakeholders concerned to use the occasion to restrategise and develop their town.

Odotoblie Nii Kwame Yedu II, who is also the chief of Kwame Yeduman said differences that existed among some sections of the people of Amanfrom have all been addressed and hope such a move will not only bring lasting peace  but would also help in the development of the town.

He said ’’ Development is very slow here because of petty quarrels among the people . I recently had some proposals from some people who   wanted to acquire 50 acres of land to put up a factory as part of the one district one factory project by the government but they later rescinded their decision because their investigations revealed there were some quarrels   among the people here, They had to go somewhere else as a result of this things. Let’s not forget this could have generated employment for the people here particularly the youth.’’

He also dismissed rumours by some people who claim the ‘Akwaasa’ festival is celebrated by the people of Weija instead of Ngleshie Amanfrom.  Saying ‘’ all historical documents shows the festival has always been celebrated by the people of Ngleshie Amanfrom.’’

 He maintained that despite the long break in celebrating the festival in about forty years , all related issues about the festival has been addressed to enable them continue to celebrate it every year as such it is not  a ‘ nine day wonder as some people will say’’ he added. 

He however adviced all the people both home and abroad to forget about any past differences among themselves and help develop  the town as a divided people cannot embark on any meaningful development within their community.’’

 Lets all be united to develop Ngleshie Amanfrom, the town belongs to all of us, when the town becomes better it is for all of us and not for any individual.  All of us will be proud if we all contribute towards such development.’’ Odotoblie Nii Kwame Yedul II emphasised.
By;Ebenezer Kofi Amponsah




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