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It is such an honor to have you here today as we celebrate the launch of Lifebuoy social mission campaign in Ghana which is in theme “Help Child Reach Five (5) Campaign “.

On behalf of the leadership and management of Unilever Ghana. I want to express our profound gratitude to each and every one of you for the support and the collaboration that have helped us over the years as we contribute our  quota in helping to improve the well-being of Ghanaians .

Nana Yaa Esi, the Director of Unilever Ghana and Nigeria quoted,“Madam chairperson, in 2017 UNESEC reported that 5.9 million children under the age of five (5) died worldwide and out of that, five (5 ) percent of them died before the first 28 days.

This estimated that, one child died every 20 seconds either for diarrhea or pneumonia.Actually, these two diseases kill a lot more children, than even AIDS, Malaria,and Measles put together. In Ghana, the Ghana Health Service (GHS)estimated that, under five (5) mortalities are about 50 deaths per every hundred lives.

We believe that such deaths can be significantly reduced by Mothers, children and caretakers alike,embracing the important factor of simple yet often neglected hand washing with soap under running water. She said “help reach a child 5 campaign” is their own way of contributing to fight against under five (5) mortality in Ghana.

We have actually been able to reach over two (2) million school kids in three regions and we have planned on reaching more by 2018. Our ultimate goal is to mobilize Ghanaians to adapt a habit of washing hands with soap on all occasions.


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