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Prof. Alex Dodoo, the Chief Executive Director of GSA

The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) had a press conference on 10th August, 2017 on standards and quality Ghana wants to achieve. Prof. Alex Dodoo, the Chief Executive Director of GSA emphasized that the standards were crucial in meeting a larger market. He said, “Without standards you cannot do anything.

Standards are at the bottom of business; of services; of products and of processes. What that means is that, if you have standards you can trade with the world. Fortunately we have the International Standards Organizations which brings together nearly all the countries in the world.

 If we have standards the goods produced in Ghana will match the specifications required in Europe or America or Japan. These are big export markets. H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo has said, and we believe that Ghana needs to have an exports-led economy. We need to create jobs and create wealth. It starts with standards. What standards are we going to use? The standards we’re developing in Ghana are all global standards.

But the process of developing a standard is very expensive. So what we have done at the Ghana Standards Authority is to provide leadership for the country, to ensure that we prioritize and that is why we are having this strategy workshop. What is the strategy? And our strategy is simple. What aspects of our economy contribute most to GDP?

What aspects are important from the social and economic points of view; health and wellbeing? What aspects do our stakeholders- all Ghanaian industries, want? So by looking at all these aspects, we are able to say ‘What are also the needs of the country?’ Is it one district, one factory only?

Is it planting for Jobs and Food? Putting all these together, we come with a ranking and say these are the areas we should focus on to develop standards for the next two to three years. So that we get value for money and so that we move fast.”


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