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Delay Edited My Interview With Her To Disgrace Me - Joyce Blessing

Many people have described Gospel Musician, Joyce Blessing as an ingrate after watching her interview with Delay on ‘The Delay Show’ mainly because of how she answered questions on her break up with her former manager/producer, Kwasi Ernest.

Joyce Blessing in another interview has explained what really happened on Delay’s set that day-which is on the blind side of the public revealed that Delay bullied her with ‘agenda set’ and ‘contemptous’ questions, making her look as a bad person in the eyes of the public. Joyce also disclosed that her husband had to even halt the interview at some point.

Joyce claims that Delay edited the interview just to disgrace her and that the interview was not complete.

Joyce Blessing who’s now signed on to Zylofon Media made all of these revelations in an interview with Dave Hammer.

“Delay wants the downfall of artistes, she edited my interview to disgrace me. That was not a complete interview” Joyce Blessing made all these revelations to Dave Hammer, host of Hello FM Entertainment Review.

 We are tempted to believe Joyce Blessing that Delay bullied her on the show because, Delay has suffered a similar fate with Tornado. You would recall all of the dark revelations Tornada made about Delay. So in a way, Delay feels that she was the one who brought Tornado into the limelight but Tornado is being ungrateful to her today.

We also gather that, Delay was fed with some privileged information by Kwasi Ernest, which was evident in the line of questions she threw at Joyce Blessing in that interview. So in a way, Delay felt she and Ernest have suffered the same fate of people they have helped being ‘ungrateful’ to them today.

Well, we will leave that to the court of public opinion to be the judge.

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