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Afrca Centre For Energy Policy (ACEP) Had A National Level Stakeholder Forum On Mineral Extraction For Sustainable Development At Mensvic Hotel In Accra

Mr Benjamin Boakye who is the executive director of ACEP explained in his speech that , “As a resource think-tank, we have been monitoring the Governance space around the extraction of natural resources and we recognize that, Ghana aside the traditional God, Bauxite and Diamond, has other mineral resources.

One of which is Iron Ore deposits in the Shieni area. What we have failed over the years as a country, to do, is to properly plan the extraction of the resources to see what other benefits are there beyond direct revenue; what industries can feed into the extraction process; and what skill set do we need? What infrastructure we need.

These planning processes do not define our decision to mine. So what we have been doing in the past two years is to look at the Iron Ore Deposits in Shieni to see what policy recommendations we can give to Government to ensure that we extract sustainably. What policy recommendations can we give to Government to ensure that the communities that will be impacted will be taken care of?

So that we don’t come back several years after to think of what livelihoods we have left for the communities who will be impacted directly by the extraction of the resources. So these are the policy issues that we’re engaging around. So we have done baseline studies on environment and the livelihoods of the people.

 We have also done policy gap analyses to show that the laws that we have, may be inadequate for a successful exploitation of Iron ore and therefore we need to retool our laws to make sure that we have adequate legal frameworks to ensure that Ghana benefits.”

Source: Kofi Dwumah/

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