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This year’s edition of the Life link Tertiary Model United Nations (LTMUN) organized by Life link Friendship Schools took place at the Accra International Conference Center (AICC) between the 24th and 26th of July 2017 under the theme, “Creating a Sustainable future for the next Generation.” 

Life link Friendship schools over the past 16 years have been committed to providing a platform for young people to be groomed as future leaders; leaders whose principles, ideals and philosophies can greatly contribute to the world we want to see.

“At the tertiary conference, they create a great platform for students to learn, socialize and establish networks. We are indeed very happy to host you this year.” As application for this year’s conference was officially opened, the team promised delegates and faculty advisors the very best of this year’s LTMUN conference. The entire team has been working tirelessly towards organizing a great conference as they always do.

Over the years, several tertiary institutions (both locally and internationally) have participated in this conference. The delegations have also had the chance of participating in the international Model UN experience with the most recent at the Harvard National Model United Nations conference (HNMUN) in Boston, USA.

This year’s conference, as always, saw students from different tertiary institutions converge in a simulated setting of the United Nations to engage in mind stimulating discussions about issues ranging from social to security, as well as showcasing their ideas in the BOTAEPA Social Venture Project.

The BOTAEPA Social Venture Project which is an annual flagship program organized by Lifelink Ghana, as an integral part of the broad Lifelink Tertiary Model United Nations (LTMUN) Conference,  seeks to inculcate into the youthful generation the passion to bring out lasting and pragmatic solutions to present societal issues. The word BOTAEPA means “good purpose” according to the local language of the Fantes of Ghana.  The name represents the goodwill of young minds to create a   positive and lasting impact in society.

Since its inception in 2014, it has directly influenced and contributed to the creation of new ventures and has also facilitated the transformation of existing ideas and social ventures into more robust, scalable and sustainable ones.

 Osei Sefaah, who is a fresh graduate from the University of Ghana, with English & Political Science as her combined major, represented North Korea at this year’s conference. According to her, she joined because of the numerous benefits she gained the first time she participated. “Personally I have participated in it before, that’s a long time ago. And I felt like during my participation I gathered a few things that helped me with my life’s journey and through my education.”

Kelvin Addo-Danquah, a final year Law student at Mountcrest University, was present at this year’s conference as Secretary for Committee Two. He has had a lot more experience as this is his third conference. Only this time, he was present as a volunteer (staff) of the conference. “Being a delegate, there’s lots of anticipation; you don’t know what’s coming up next, that’s when it’s your very first time. You’re scared of people posing questions; ‘Am I doing the right thing?’ ‘Am I doing something to merit an award?’ But I believe as you build up experience as a delegate then you come out of your game because my second time, I could track my performance. I could know I’ve improved with my submissions, the way I argued and the way I built consensus, because I’d come to anticipate a lot of things. With my experience as staff for the very first time, it's pressure. There are a lot of demands; you have to be on time; make sure you’re getting everything right. Your reputation is at stake because you have a lot of people looking up to you because they believe you have a lot of things. You are knowledgeable about all the things they want to learn. So you have to meet expectations. It’s hectic though, but it’s worth it because I’m learning a lot.”

Gideon Assan, who represented the Republic of Chad at this year’s conference, is a Medical Student at the University Of Cape Coast and highlights his reason for joining the conference for the second time in two years. “Being a medical doctor is not just about one-on-one patient relation. Even in specialization in the medical field, we have what is called public health. And in public health you just don’t deal with one person; you deal with an entire community and communication is a very key aspect of medicine. If you are not somebody who can articulate your views very well, there are a lot of misconceptions here and there. Dealing with patients, you have to make sure that the patient will understand what you are saying. Even as a medical student, I do agree that books are very necessary but if you’re outside the classroom, you can still go for conferences like this to boost your confidence in terms of public speaking and to sharpen your communication skills.”

One thing is clear though, the conference helps to build one’s confidence and improves public speaking skills. It also creates long lasting relationships among delegates and trains them in the use of smart, diplomatic language. Maybe next year you might consider going, or letting your ward attend.

Life link also runs annual Model United Nations Conferences for other educational levels (JHS & SHS) in partnership with the UN system in Ghana and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Every year, Life Link Friendship Schools Ghana, organizes series of Model UN programs for Junior and Senior High Schools to train future diplomats; teaching them about global issues, negotiation skills, leadership and crisis resolution.

To date, Life Link Ghana has organized twenty (25) Model UN Conferences for children and the youth in Ghana. Life Link has also participated in several international Model UN Conferences including Model UN Conference at the United Nations Headquarters and the US state Department. Life Link delegations have won 20 awards in all events.



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