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Stop making mockery of persons with disabilities and cast them in movies – KKD

Ace broadcaster and showbiz icon Kwasi Kyei Darkwah better known as KKD has condemned the mimicking of physically challenged person on entertainment platform and urged directors to rather cast them in their productions.

He also stated in strong terms that Ghanaians like showmanship but fail to research enough to bring it to the standard that is required.

Speaking on a number of issues plaguing showbiz in Ghana on Atinka TV’s Ntertainment show on Saturday, he  criticized how movie industry loses out on quality in their works by casting based on convenience as opposed to appropriateness.

“In our local movies it’s common to find actors for instance Agya Koo or Lil Win playing the role of a cripple whereas a real cripple could have been casted to play such roles,” he said.

“This inclusiveness makes them employable among other things” he averred.

He explained how in the UK, US and elsewhere disabled persons have made major breakthroughs in the industry eg US musician Steve Wonder, or Warwick Davis famous English actor, comedian and television presenter who was born with SED, a rare form of dwarfism – and his parents were told he was going to die before he became a teenager enjoyed a very successful career and starred in many movies including Harry Potter.”

“These are characters that Ghanaians must learn from… but the challenge is that… Ghanaians don’t read. We like showmanship but we don’t like research” he fumed.

He explained that not only does casting a physically challenge person make  the movie real, it dispels the stigma that these less privileged in society feel and thus appreciate such movies.

He resultantly charged producers to tap in the talents of persons with disabilities and stop using them as ‘subject of mockery’ in comedies and movies.

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