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Sixteenth Edition of GIPC Club Launched

Mr. Yofi Grant C.E.O of G.I.P.
The Ghana investment promotions Centre (GIPC) launched sixteenth edition of the Ghana club (G.C) 100 awards at the Kempisky Hotel in Accra.
The 16th award of the G.C 100 awards is scheduled to take place on Friday 10th November 2017 and is being organized by the GIPC, under the able leadership of the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Yofi Grant.

Mr. Grant emphasized that, the theme of this highly anticipated edition is industrialization: a tool for job creation and acceleration of Economic Development. He said, the theme is in line with Governments vision to use manufacturing, through the one district one factory initiative as an economic development and job creation tool. 
The G.I.P.C will use this year’s edition to promote partnership between Ghanaian manufacturers and their foreign counterparts and also showcase Ghana’s industrialization potential and its impact on employment creation and skills development.

The G.C 100 events was first held in March 1998 and the event remain one of the flagship programs of the G.I.P.C. It is aimed at introducing a system of ranking the top 100 companies in Ghana whilst encouraging and nurturing private sectors to develop and grow to compete internationally.

The objective is to develop a database of the top 100 viable companies as an annual “who is who” on the Ghanaian corporate business calendar and use creative media and activities to promote Ghana’s corporate capacity, He added.

According to Mr. Grant, all the companies should submit their soft and hard copies of audited account for 2014,2015 and 2016 to CEO of GIPC

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