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Senior citizens and Ghana pensioners celebrate with MP

 Hon. Cynthia Morrison 

Senior citizens and Ghana pensioners celebrated their anniversary in which Hon. Cynthia Morrison had the opportunity to visit her constituency to donate some items to the senior citizens in her constituency. She said and I coat , in my constituency I always celebrate this day for everybody to  come and enjoy, and for people who work for mother Ghana especially,the Farmers and Traders who are not been paid formally by the government, we do this to appreciate them.

This is not the first time I am celebrating such anniversary for the senior citizens in constituency, I normally  mobilize the  senior citizens  in my area for such occasions to make them happy and put them together whether you belong to NPP, CPP, PPP or NDC. All I want is to make them happy as one family.
Some of the senior citizens were always indoors but when they heard that we were celebrating the senior citizens day and they are here to join the party, dancing and making merry and also get the chance to see old friends.
What I am doing today is a sacrificial job because in our midst we have NPP, NCD, PPP, CPP and others to make them happy.They all voted for me to represent  the  constituency in parliament so I have to lobby for everything they are looking for.

The funeral ground that we see now, when it rains the whole place becomes muddy and rough which needs some maintainers and it is part of my projects in which am working to be successful.

The youths  appreciate what I'm doing, because I do my work with the fear of God as the saying goes when you do it for your fellow brother or sister, you do it for God. I'm not doing  partisan politics but the purpose is to put people together and make them happy.
It will not end here,when you visit BOBIKUMA they  will tell you that I have done their part for them as well as the rest of the villages.

God bless us all and help us with the giving hearts as a politician and have good relationship with the families in our rural areas. Education is very important, youths are also important that is why we are here to talk about teenage pregnancy. The young girls can't be educated because of the early pregnancy in which they find themselves when they are in school so I'm  here to advise  the young ladies to take their education seriously ,said by Hon. Cynthia Morrison (MP for AGONA WEST)

(Reported by KOFI DWUMAH 0207865525)

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