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Samsung brings back Galaxy Note 7

Smartphone makers, Samsung will on Friday launch a refurbished version of the Galaxy Note 7, with the introduction of the Galaxy Note FE. (Fun Edition).
The company will launch the Galaxy Note FE in South Korea by selling 400,000 devices as a means of resurrecting the Note 7.
Samsung is yet to decide if sales will be spread to other countries if the launch proves to be successful.
The Galaxy Note FE has undergone the company’s latest test and comes with a lower battery duration, something the company blamed for the explosion reports by consumers.
The Note FE will sell for less than $650, 30% lower than the Note 7 which sold for $800 dollars when launched.
The Galaxy FE is made from unused Note 7 phones and parts as the company seeks to recover some of their financial losses which run unto billions of dollars when the phone malfunction crisis started.
According to analyst with Research Firm IDC, the company won’t recoup much from this new sales if the company is planning on selling just 400,000 devices.

If the Galaxy Note FE is successful, the company will recover their reputation in smartphone sale with consumers.

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