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Patronize Local Shoes: Ghanaians Urged

 Youths of Ghana as we continue to shine and remain strong in running the affairs of our country, this is the time to stand up and bring development to our beloved nation by patronizing locally manufactured sandals and shoes in the country to provide support to the local industries as well as providing employment to the youths.

 The products are long lasting and cheap as compare to some foreign products, but I wonder why most Ghanaians still patronize foreign to local.

Speaking in an interview with, the owner of Big Foot sandals and shoes manufacturing company, Mohammed Kwaku Matey, indicated that “Ghanaians have the perception that locally made goods are of low quality and therefore opt for foreign goods which they latter regret.”

 He noted that, most of the locally made sandals and shoes last longer as compare to some foreign goods.

According to him “I learnt how to make sandals and shoes in Cote d’ivoire and when I was there even the Ivoirians used to say Ghana made products are very good and so when I started the business in Ghana, some Ghanaians actually showed commitment.”

Ghanaians are responding to the modern technology and therefore the local industries can boast of quality and quantity of the products.

He reiterated that the youth should patronize locally made products to ensure the developmental face of the country and the promotion of local industries.

As financial constrains continue to be the major obstacle, Mr Mohammed Kwaku Matey is appealing to the government to come out with the policy that can help the locally manufacturing industries to meet global market standard to enable them compete globally.

Ebenezer Bitambo

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