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OMNIFERT: Committed to provide High Quality fertilizer to boost Agriculture in Ghana

As Ghana makes strides towards revitalizing its agriculture sector, which holds great promise for inclusive growth, agro-chemicals and agribusinesses will play an even more important role in accelerating the process and maximizing efforts.
Ghana’s agriculture and livestock sector accounts for approximately 23-30 percent of national GDP. The sector employs almost 50% of the national workforce in achieving the country’s economic goals.
Established in 2015, OMNIFERT undertakes the important task of gathering data on soil types and the state of farmlands across the country. At our state of the art blending facility, amongst several other fertilizer types, we blend Nitrogen, phosphate, Potash and other micro nutrients into NPK fertilizers, which research establishes as one of the best formulas for boosting yield while taking into account environmental issues. We also blend high quality fertilizers for some of the industry’s market leaders.
OMNIFERT is committed to supporting Ghana’s authorities in building a strong agro- industrialised sector. The goal of OMNIFERT is to positively impact the lives of the millions of people who depend partly or fully on agriculture for their livelihoods.

OMNIFERT is strengthening the information base for policy dialogue and reform through its soil testing and research work and encouraging the industry to come to do this on a larger scale to enable the eventual increase in profitability for farmers and sowing seeds for greater economic prosperity in this all-important area.
OMNIFERT which sprung out of Omni Energy Ltd. The parent company, has been a leading provider of Engineering and Value Added Oilfield support services in the oil and Gas industry for over 10 years
OMNIFERT engages in capacity building for farmers and other key sector workers and transforming the agro-chemical industry in Ghana for a sustainable future. OMNIFERT combines economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. The locally based state of the art fertilizer blending facility is the first of its kind, and is as a result of the premium we place on improving the crop production of Africa.
OMNIFERT’s approach is not only about providing affordable and quality fertilizers to farmers, but doing this, our company demonstrates its commitment to improving agricultural productivity, incomes and employment opportunities in Ghana and we are committed to doing the same in other West African countries in which we operates through our parent company.

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