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Motor Traffic and Transport Department(MTTD) at the Kaneshie branch, have arrested more than 17 drivers for unauthorized parking and several other offences.

The MTTD arrested vehicle owners and commercial vehicle drivers for allegedly parking wrongly under the Kaneshie footbridge.

Speaking to the Station Officer at the Criminal Investigations Department(CID), Maame Serwaa, she said “some of the drivers are facing several offences such as broken windscreens, damaged car tyres and expired licenses”.

The keys to the various cars were also seized by the police as they were processing the details of the offended drivers to appear in court. She noted

“The police doesn’t charge any offended driver to pay any amount of money but they will rather be sent to court to defend themselves and if there is the need to charge the convicted drivers, the court will do so”. She added.

Meanwhile, some drivers denied the claim for wrong parking and that, there is no sign under the footbridge to indicate that it is an offence to park or stop there.

By: Ebenezer Bitambo

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