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Mercy Asiedu fires Christabel Ekeh for her 'unruly' behaviour

Christabel Ekeh

Popular Kumawood actress, Mercy Asiedu has in no uncertain terms, condemned the act of actress Christabel Ekeh.

Mercy Asiedu added that the single act of the young actress releasing her nude pictures will go a long way to discredit others who are in the movie industry.

Speaking in an interview on Atinka FM, the Kumawood actress indicated that Christabel’s action was not befitting of a celebrity and a role model in the movie industry.

Contrary to popular belief that the actress posted the pictures out of duress, the Kumawood actress hinted that there was a motive behind the pictures. She added that Christabel’s intention to post the pictures was in her own bid to promote nudity and has backfired.

She said,the young actress did what she did just for the fame and to continue in the kind of life that she was living before joining the movie industry. She also said,Christabel’s act was not something that was new with the budding and young actresses in the movie industry.

She advised the actress to learn from the more experienced ones in the movie industry who had become successful and have risen to the highest pedestal without exposing their naked pictures for public consumption.

Mercy Asiedu revealed a bit about the life of Christabel during her early days of acting in Kumasi.

She said,"the young actress usually refused to listen to the coaching from some of the producers in the movie industry".

She added that Christabel stopped staring in Kumawood movies after a short stint with the industry.

Mercy Asiedu

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