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JUSTICE AGBAVOR: An emerging football star

Story by: Bernard Onyame

Justice Agbavor

Justice Agbavor is not one of the players you might have noticed, but he is an enterprising young footballer emerging.

In an exclusive interview with Jamyonline’s sports journalist, Bernard Onyame, he said, ''I started playing football at age 15 when I was a kid, my mentor was Christiano Ronaldo because of his speed, technique and footwork, but recently after watching Paul Pogba at the under 20 world cup when he captained France, my love shifted towards him due to his skills and strength on the ball. He also makes soccer look easier. He is my mentor now and due to that my friends call me Ghana Pogba.''

Asked what he thinks about the use of spiritual powers or ‘Juju’ in football, he said everyone believed in one thing or the other and that he is not in a position to criticise any religion.

“Everyone has his or her believe, all of us have different faith, I can't criticise any religion but I believe in the Almighty father in heaven and his only son Jesus Christ. ‘’He added

Justice Agbavor expressed his interest to play Manchester United in future because of the inspiration from Christiano Ronaldo. “I have developed love for the team, it’s a big club and the fans are united, they have legends like Paul Scholes and Beckham’’ he added. 


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