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Joselyn Dumas’ ‘see-through’ dress rules to swear by

The spectacular scarlet 'see-through' outfit Joselyn Dumas wore to the Simon "Mabhunu" Sabela Awards in Durban  over the weekend, without doubt inspires every lady's desire to flaunt her femininity in the most crafty way.

But just as sheer dresses can be stunning, it can also be 'disturbingly absurd' if not rocked based on some ‘golden’ rules.

Never go bare underneath

The temptation to think that sheer fabric is just as covering as the regular fabric could set in, but sheer by itself is simply a see-through fabric and thus a big NO-NO to wear without an underwear.

Choose under garment of right colour

An undergarment darker than one’s skin tone is always better to ease the minds of observers seeking to see what is not visible. Nude options are also acceptable though can be highly delusional at first glance.

Make sure undergarments are presentable

Should you want to go a bit daring by wearing an entirely different shade underneath your sheer; be sure there are no ‘patches or holes’ anywhere on the underwear as the fine nature of sheer might turn out to be your first ‘police’ by announcing your ‘poor conduct’ to their world.

With all these tips in mind, you may go ahead to relish your sheer  experience with all confidence.

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