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Hospital folder providers appeal to government for support

By: Ebenezer Bitambo
Book binding and distributors of hospital folders (printing press) is appealing to government to pay their allowances on time to enable them run their businesses.

 In an interview with Jammyonline, the Managing Director of Xanta Books Limited, Eric Norssey,  indicated that  the company sometimes takes loan to ensure the distribution of hospital folders to towns such as Dambai, Kajebi and Keta health centers in the Volta Region.

“We send the folders to the various hospitals and the payment can delay for close to 3 years and a Hospital can order 2,000 to 3,000 folders, so just imagine how much money will be needed. We mostly don’t have money so we’ll be pushed to go in for a loan which we’ll have to pay the company within 6 months duration.”

Due to government’s delay in paying the allowances it makes the growth of our businesses run at a very slow pace, which is really affecting the development of the industry. He added.

According to him the company has been supplying the folders for the past six years but the problem is always the same.

He emphasised that, the  hospitals are facing challenges in paying for the folders distributed to the hospitals due to government inability to reimburse them the money on time after serving NHIS card holders.

Eric Norssey appealed to the government to  provide them with the necessary support to enable them run their businesses.

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