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‘Help make Swedru one of the attractive towns in Ghana’- MP

Story by: Ebenezer Kofi Amponsah

The Member of Parliament for Agona West, Mrs Cynthia Morrison has called on the people of Swedru not to use the national sanitation day as the only occasion to clean their surroundings but should endeavor to make cleaning a part of their lives in order to live healthy.

 She said ‘’All of us need to help make Swedru one of the attractive towns in Ghana, The national sanitation day held first Saturday of the month is good but we need to make cleaning a part of our lives. Our homes, the frontage of shops should all be kept clean. There is an adage in Ghana which asks of which home a person comes from and not their wealth. Imagine someone comes to Swedru and meet you dressed nicely and yet your environment is dirty. It will definitely not speak well of you.’’
She said this in an interview with Jammynewsonline when she participated in a cleanup exercise to mark the national sanitation day in Swedru.                                                                                                                                                                                                
She advised young ladies not to think only about their appearance alone but should make every effort to keep their environment clean
’’ Being a lady does not mean dressing up and looking beautiful but the environment also counts.’’ She added

Mrs. Cynthia Morrison observed that despite several attempts by society to help keep the environment clean,  some adults have  developed behavior  that are difficult to change except the  young children are  used  to influence them.

She therefore outlined some measures in place to tackle insanitary conditions in her area
.’’ We have started educating the young ones in the schools. that is involving the school children to impact their homes. We have to start with the school children so that if adult don’t want to keep their surroundings clean the children will push them into doing that, imagine an adult who litter the around and been asked by a child to pick them. Other methods that would be used to educate pupils at the basic schools on sanitation include rhymes, and this I believe is going to work. She said

She further noted that as a member of the Pan African parliament working on sanitation, she would do everything within her capacity to educate the general public on the implications of insanitary practices in Ghana.

She advised the youth to  refrain from engaging in  negative practices such as excessive drinking of alcohol  during the Akwambo festival as it has the tendency to affect them the rest of their lives.’’ Alcohol is really ruining our children, once they are paraded on the street they get drunk and go insane  do whatever they want to do, saying ’’we will embark on some form of education on radio stations to educate the youth on some of these negative practices.

Mrs. Morrison who was impressed about the turnout of the cleanup exercise also assured residents and visitors of adequate security during the Swedru Akwambo festival.

In attendance were the chiefs, the Municipal Chief executive, National service personnel and Olivejoy Concept,  the organiser’s of 2017 Miss Swedru Akwambo festival. 

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