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Story by: Ebenezer Kofi Amponsah
Apostle Francis Amoako Atta (general overseer Freedom  Chapel International) 

The General Overseer of the Freedom Chapel International, Apostle Francis Amoako Atta has added his   voice to calls by some section of Ghanaians asking the government to support Christians when they embark on pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

In an interview with Jamynews-online he noted that Christians who embarks on pilgrimage to Jerusalem would have an understanding of the Bible due to numerous translations made by Bible scholars.
He noted that, failure of some pastors to preach the gospel well could be attributed to their inability to understand the scriptures.

’If people say it is not necessary for Christians to go on a pilgrimage I disagree with them because it is the source of the Christian faith, that is where Jesus Christ started his ministry, that is where Jesus was born and raised. If it is wrong for Christians to be supported by government when they go on pilgrimage then it is also wrong for Muslims to go to Mecca. Jerusalem then it is also not good to go to heaven because we are descendants of Abraham and he was not a Ghanaian.’’ He observed

When asked if supporting Christians to embark on such pilgrimage would not put undue pressure on government expenditure, he said that it will be unfair to the Christians since Muslims who have always embarked on pilgrimage to Mecca have always been supported.

’’If Muslims are going to Mecca then it is not wrong for Christians to also visit Jerusalem. Whether going to Jerusalem by Christians is written or not it will help Christians. I wish every pastor will be able to go to Jerusalem once in his life time. It is not wrong if government supports Christian pilgrimage.’’ He emphasized.


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