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Hon. Hassan Ayariga, the founder and leader of the ALL PEOPLE’S CONGRESS (A.P.C.) had a press conference in his office at Haatso in Accra. Hassan Ayariga indicated that this was the first media encounter after the 2016 general elections. “I am very sure many people have asked several questions about the way forward of the A.P.C. and its leadership. We in the A.P.C have moved on after the unjust disqualification of our Presidential candidate in the last elections.
Till date the Electoral Commission has not given any reason why the A.P.C’s Presidential candidate was disqualified for the second time. We have also not received any letter or invitation from the E.C. after the 2016 general elections. We shall write to the EC to affirm and clear reason for the disqualification. This move by the leadership of the party will help control power abuse in our institutions.
This press conference today is to outline the party’s activities for the coming months and years and the way forward of our party. We are calling on the APC member across Ghana and beyond to start with the reorganization of the various party structures right from the polling station, constituencies to the regional level.

We also want to remind the general public that A.P.C. is a liberal socialist party and for that matter we are calling on people from various political parties to come and join us to reorganize the party. All party offices shall be provided with membership forms and cards for your registration. Locate any of our office across Ghana for your registration.”

He said they shall embark on a nationwide tour to reintroduce the party in various regions, constituencies and schools and form 20 executive members for every polling station in all the 29,000 polling stations starting from the second week of September.

“We in the APC are appealing to our brothers and sisters in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to move on as a party and stop the blame game of who caused or contributed in their defeat in the 2016 general elections. The party leader, should reorganize themselves well and know that Ghana needs everyone on board in unity
To our brothers and sisters in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) we want to remind them that winning an election is not the end of the struggle, but just the beginning of hard work.”

The battle of economic transformation and prosperity has just begun. They must bear in mind that people of Ghana trusted the economy  into their hands to continue from where the N.D.C. left and to show their leadership style and confidence. It is not about who occupies which positions but it is about who is committed to doing the right things without fear or favour.

There is no excuse for ignorance. We will applaud when it is due and criticize when it is due. To prove our loyalty as good citizens and not spectators to the benefit of all Ghanaians

Finally we are calling on Ghanaians within the country and outside to join the A.P.C. trail of new leadership. We believe in an all-inclusive governance concept. The only way to transform our nation. Be a member and Ghana will be transformed

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