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Pre-discussion of Africa Open Data Conference was held at Ispace Office at Labone in Accra. Mr. Warlali Senyo (Farmerline), the Director of Growth Research and Development emphasized in a one-on-one interview with’s Kofi Dwumah and he said, “Open DATA are opened for Government’s perspective to improve ability to make a more concrete decision towards reducing poverty, making more smarter decisions in what we need to do as a country or as a continent to improve our agriculture, health and education.

Basically, making DATA accessible to all, improve what decisions make us and how we can move further to achieve sustainable goals. Part of it, it’s to improve or reduce poverty, hunger and having DATA within the agricultural space, inform government’s  policy on what he should do to improve farmers’ access to specific services and how government’s policy is improving the wellbeing of farmers. It’s critical, but without access to DATA, it is very difficult to make any strong decision. DATA, as it is now, seem to be in siloes, so we have various M.D.S’s having DATA being collected. It’s either available in books or report but then, access to it is very difficult. When we talk about access, it goes beyond probably having the report but then, making them available in formats that one machine will have access to, be the best that any business or any individual entrepreneur can be able to access.

 For instance, the information about the total number of young people who are into agriculture now; If somebody wants to understand within the Asante region what target group need this particular services, the person can easily access that information.

The goal is that, Government DATA will be available to stakeholders, of course, in a more structured way accessible to various stakeholders within our cultural value.”


BY: Kofi Dwumah




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