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National Service Association President of Agona West Emmanuel Tawiah

The Agona West Municipal Assembly Information Officer Mr. Charles Nkrumah educate the people by create more awareness and the importance of sanitation exercise.
He however talked about the challenges they are facing, some are break down of vans,  horns on the vans are not proper and does not go far, they occasionally use man power which the work may not be done effectively.

However, the National Service Association President of Agona West Emmanuel Tawiah, also suggested that the publicity of the sanitation exercise should be intensive. He said,” the people should be there on time to do get the work done, educate and encourage people on it”.

He decided to join the cleanup exercise because they see community hygiene as collective effort, setting examples and communicating the culture to the cleanliness of the country and join other stakeholders and keep the city clean.

He advised his fellow National Service Personnel in the District to keep their community clean and not disposed rubbish in the gutters this prevent diseases and breeding of mosquitoes. 

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