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When the New Year approached real fast down our alleys, the world spun round with resolutions that made you go dizzy. I know I wanted to eat well and have a healthy body (I’d been slacking in that area for a very long time) and I wanted to read more books, among a million other things.

To be consistent; that was someone’s New Year resolution. I had a blank look on my face when he said it to me for the first time. That was clearly not what I was expecting. So I asked him, “consistent at what exactly?” “Everything”, he said.
It sounded like a new language on my lips until I repeated it a few more times before it began to sink in.

I think consistency is one of the hardest things to achieve as an artist. People are working at comfortable paces, barely putting in much effort because quite frankly, it doesn't take much to achieve a goal that doesn't require moving mountains.
Consistency is the one thing that keeps us going. It is what makes us see results. It is what makes us grow.

I love how Shonda Rhimes puts it: A writer (and in this case, an artist) is someone who writes (creates) every day.
Everyday. Not sometimes, or once in a while. Or when they’re freshly inspired. Or when they find themselves surrounded by the right circumstance.

The art of consistency is in the “everyday”. It is in the choosing to do and become- on a daily basis. It is in the urgency of approaching the work as a commitment rather than a leisure.

What we must understand is that the creative process is a journey that never ends. There is no finishing line to the borders of our minds, there’s no end to the depth of wealth we carry.
We have to be willing to work as artists.  There’s no other way to dress up those words. We must be ready for the long nights, the toil, the failures and all the strength it takes to start again. People do not like to plant. Everyone wants to make a huge harvest and skip all the baby steps it takes to actually keep a plant alive and breathing.

Here is the truth: it is not enough that you create. It is not enough that you pull out your hands but refuse to stretch it further. Consistency calls us to go all the way. It demands that we dive and emerge ourselves fully in rather than dip lightly on the surface.

Steadiness is a rare trait in the creative industry these days. And it might seem a cliché to chip this in but here goes: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.
Aristotle couldn’t have made that statement any other way.

Whoever underestimates the essence of consistency doesn’t believe in the power of little steps. No matter how big the achievement, there’s that subtle reminder of what it took to get there. No one suddenly jumps straight into creating a masterpiece. 

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