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We Are Broke – Ghana Actors Guild

The Ghana Actors Guild (GAG) has admitted that it is financially constrained. According to its president, they are not even in the position to secure a convenient office to work from.

Sammy Fiscian stated that though funds were secured from elections as well as levies paid by members, there were pressing needs to which the resources had to be diverted to. As a result of the predicament, the guild has appealed to the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Catherine Afeku, to assist in the matter.

He added that there are no established mechanisms for restructuring and re branding. Therefore, the possibility of the Ministry coming in to salvage the situation needs to be explored.

This line of action, has however, stimulated a barrage of criticisms, as it is expected that such a group should be in the position to cater for its own needs.

Fiscian however responded by saying that honesty has always been the best policy, because it would serve a better purpose if the guild told the story as it is, rather than pretending all was well. He believes this would get them the needed results, “…so we are of the view that going out to seek for an office space is in the right direction.”

The guild presently shares the same office structure with the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) in Accra. There is a challenge of space, and there is also the likelihood of being affected by the Marine Drive Project by the government

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