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      One of the major concerns of citizens of Ghana especially the youth is about unemployment, this is why millions of youth across the country joined in the campaign for change which was a fruitful endeavor. It is pathetic to see youth in our country graduating from the senior high school (shs) and some also from our various tertiary but become jobless and stranded.

       Ghanaian parents work tirelessly day and night to pay huge some of fees in their wards education so that they become useful and fruitful to them. But today in Ghana, youth graduate from school and become jobless and hopeless, whiles majority also depend on their parent for survival. Money that could have been invested into a business or can even build a self-contain house is used as fees and as a result don't bring any benefit but rather bring dependency on parents. These issues of unemployment have led so many youth at the wrong directions in life, some traveling on sea's, others going into Arab countries and they are killed, others also being deported. These has led many parents sleepless night, headache and frustrated.

         We all believe and understand that the actual age to go on retirement is exactly sixty years (60) in Ghana. But what do we see now in Ghana, people work and exceed their pension age but still at work taken salaries whiles the fresh youth with good skills and great thinking abilities are also at home hopeless and jobless. A work that can be done by a youth less than a second is now done by grown adults with weak mind in an hour. These are all the reason why unemployment is increasing day and night in the country.

      My passionate appeal goes to the government to do something about this pension age and unemployment menace in our country. Because the kind of agony and frustration our youth are passing through will one day be a threat to the peace of the nation.

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