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Prophets and some pastors in Ghana should be examined

Mr. Appiah, a farmer at Nsawkaw in the Tain district, had made it factual that, looking at some works of pastors and prophets on TV stations and radio stations, the Christian council in Ghana must examine their activities and bring them to order, because their prophecies and visions of Ghana are the cause of some dooms in the country. He made these statements in an interview with the media
There should be prophecies of good happens than the bad ones, and in other to go away with the bad visions, they should pray to God faithfully to get good visions, he added.

 According to Mr Appiah, he does not understand that, any time these prophets will come out, what you'll hear is that, there would be an accident, there would be fire explosion, someone will fall sick and die.

If they will think good and pray to God for good, there would be good things to happen. Why don't they ask God to let them prophesized that someone is coming to manufacture made in Ghana phones and laptops.

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