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Liverpool freed from Van Dijk tapping incident.

The Merseyside club escaped punishment after Southampton officially reported Liverpool to the FA for tapping Van Dijk.

Following reports in the media Van Dijk had chosen to join Liverpool before an official bid was made by Liverpool, Saints officials felt the Merseyside club had broken the rules of player transfer hence their official complaint to the FA.

Reports this month indicated, Liverpool manager Klopp had met Saints skipper, to convince him to move to Anfield. Kopp was reported to have showed clips of how Van Dijk would fit into his team, all without permission from Southampton.

Liverpool did apologize for any wrong doing and Southampton accepted the apology but did not retract their case.

After initial investigation into the matter, the FA came to a conclusion evidence provided by Southampton officials to start disciplinary action was insufficient.

The Premier League board have therefore dropped all charges against Liverpool unless new evidence is provided by Southampton, the case has been closed.

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