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But for the Bunkpurugu incident where some two hundred (200) candidates could not write the first two papers of this year’s Basic Education Certificate Examinations (BECE), following a change in their examination centres, one could comfortably say that this year’s BECE examinations went well based on public information.
At least there has been no reported incident of leakage of any of the examination papers, compared to what happened last year and prior years.
We recall last year where WAEC had to cancel some of the papers over leakages.
And regrettably, anytime such incidents happen the whole candidates bear the brunt as they are forced to re-write the cancelled papers.
However it is unfortunate that the 200 candidates were not given another opportunity to write the two papers this year, but can only re-write them next year January.
For some time now it was becoming increasingly worrying for both candidates and parents about incidents of examination paper leakages.
Not only was it a worry to the candidates involved, but it also meant going over the process of revision and re-writing the cancelled papers.
It is in the light of the above that Today seizes the opportunity to commend the Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service (GES) and the West African Examination Council (WAEC) for ensuring a successful 2017 BECE.
It is equally important to also commend parents and all the candidates who sat for the examinations.
Indeed whatever measures these institutions put in place this year to ensure an examination-free leakage worked to perfection.  And this is something that we must all encourage them to do some more.
There is no gainsay the fact that examinations which are devoid of malpractices and leakages contribute towards quality of education.
It is, therefore, Today’s conviction that this is sustained at all levels of our education.  Thus, it must not only be seen at the basic level but then at the senior high school and tertiary levels of our education ladder.



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